Secure Document Transfer

Communicate securely with individual oil & gas stakeholders

The Well Detail Page also includes a secure personal folder for all personal documents, such as 1099's, W-2's, Run Tickets, ACH notification, AFE letters, JIB invoices, Division Orders, & more.

To improve security, this information is sent via Secure FTP (SFTP), utilizing encryption, to a personal folder on the Well Detail Page. Once the file hits the secure personal folder, an e-mail is generated to notify the stakeholder that a new document has been sent. These documents are sent directly out of WolfePak to the individual stakeholders in an automated process. Sample AFE | Sample JIB

We'll be working on new features soon to expand the effectiveness of the web platform.  Features like virtual, online signatures for Division Orders & online payment capabilities for JIB's & AFE's are in our pipeline for development in the very near future.