Well Details

Each well has a password protected page that is the secure repository for all data related to the well. Historical data is available on the page, from clearing the location & spud, to the well activity/production on the previous day. All documents related to the well can also be stored on the Well Detail Page, including maps, logs, permits, sidewall core analyses, completion reports, and any other important docs.

The Well Detail Page also includes a secure personal folder for all personal documents, such as 1099 forms, ACH notification, AFE letters, & JIB invoices. To improve security, this information is sent via Secure FTP (SFTP), utilizing encryption, to a personal folder on the Well Detail Page. Once the file hits the secure personal folder, an e-mail is generated to notify the investor/participant that a new document has been sent.  Sample AFE  |  Sample JIB

The Operator’s admin personnel enters the daily drilling report or daily oil & gas production into a very easy operate content management system (CMS). Once the data is entered, the administrator pushes a publish button in the CMS and the Well Detail Page updated & the e-mails are automatically sent to investors/participants.

With WolfePak O&G Accounting package, once the daily production information is entered into WolfePak accounting software, the Well Detail Page is automatically updated (daily production including 30 day bar graph are updated) and e-mails are sent to all investors and participants in the well.